ReWork a Book Review

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You know when you eat a really good meal at a nice restaurant, the menu is limited to a select curated list. They’re not trying to do too much and what they are doing, they are doing it really well with the best ingredients. Or when you prepare a really great Thanksgiving dinner, if you have too many sides it takes away from the main attraction, the turkey! The book “Rework : Change the way you work forever” by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson is just like that for business. This is a guide/ recipe book for how to run and operate an efficient business. They did a great job editing it down so there is not much filler just straight to the point.

If you interact with anyone period, this is a book for you to read even if you are not entrepreneurial. They also talk about how you can work in different ways and how to create results in all aspects of your life.

The way that the book is written is very easy and quick to move through because it is so condensed, you are left with the key points to take away. The thing that resonated with me the most was when the author was talking about products that can be created from the by product of what you are doing. The example that he gave was in making and designing a new program they wrote a book. That book has made them significantly more money than not writing that book at all. I love this idea! We are all doing the work and in the process of doing it we are creating by products. Why not use it to create different entry level products for your business? You could also create really cool extra bonuses to throw in with offers or send in news letters. A by product of the life that I am leading is this blog. I have learned some really great tools and want to share them with everyone! If my blog helps anyone work toward their goals, this all will be worth it for me.

I will be revisiting this book from time to time to remind myself of the things I should be practicing. But until then I think you should go out and get this book for yourself and start reworking the way that you work. Let’s get to work!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! 

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