Five Four Three Two One Launch!… A Book Review

IMG_0092After reading “Launch” By Jeff Walker I was left feeling inspired. It was a pretty easy great read. Jeff has an approachable formula on how to make product launches for every niche. Like many other people in his field he talks about the importance of building a list, giving your best content and starting from ground zero. Whether it’s a small seed of an idea or something that you’ve been nourishing and growing over time he has seen time and time again clients rise to the top of their industry. How do they get there? You’ll have to read to get the full picture so that his words resonate with where you are in your business development. I took away different things from the book than say someone who already has an email list and has done launches before. The really great thing about reading books like this is that I know I’m not their yet but like a lesson he describes in the book I need to look through the corners and see what’s coming ahead so that I’m not always dealing with what’s right in front of me. I am going to leave this one on my book shelf and come back to it from time to time to help me through those growing segments where I need the guidance to make things happen. I believe that I have the skills to use his formula and am going to start working towards making them happen and so should you. In step one I will build an online presence and start building my list! Also in that step I need to figure out how to make a subscribe button on my website. I’m not quite there yet but stay tuned to subscribe to a newsletter with more great tips and info.

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