Creative App Review for Mobile Devices

This is a simple example of layering two images.

As I am trying this whole blog thing on for size, I’m realizing the importance of creating great content and great visuals to really hit home what your trying to say. Some people will read everything, or scan to read segments. I am going to keep this in mind while creating content to share. This week I want to highlight an application I started using in my social media and now going to be used on my blog. It is an app that is put on my Adobe called photoshop mix. It’s completely free you can layer images like you would in photoshop and you have a ton of tools right on your mobile device (ipad tablet or phone). So far I have used it to send a funny picture to my fiancé (I put his head on a cute dog). I did some branding work for social media and a birthday poster. They also have Photoshop fix app to enhance photos, and Adobe slate where you can create newsletters etc! I’m going to try those too! Let me know if you tried them out too.

Image 1: I really liked the photo to begin with so just brightened it up.
Image 2: I played with the colour, blending options and deselected all the white space with the magic wand and brushes like I would in Photoshop.


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