“Work Your Wealth” this Tax season with Mary Beth Storjohann a book review

With tax season in full swing, it’s a perfect time to open the conversation about money. Just Like the start of a new year, everyone should take this time to set new year resolutions for your financial future. If you pay for someone to do your taxes, I highly recommend actually trying to do them yourself so you understand how they work. This will allow you to take more control over your financial future. Being educated is liberating you can stop guessing and be confident. I use this time of year as an opportunity to set my intentions for the year to come.

I don’t know anyone in there thirties who couldn’t use a little extra cash coming in. In your late twenties and thirties. Life has a way of being very expensive. Between paying off debt, saving to purchase a home, buying a car, having a wedding, starting a family. Ahhhhhhh!!! Not to mention saving for retirement, building an emergency fund and still having a life. I have five words for you “Get your side hustle on”.

I love what Mary Beth Storjohann has to say about finding your side hustle in “Work Your Wealth”. As a working professional to learn and grow our first resource shouldn’t be going back to school to get more qualified but learning and working on skills that will compliment your goals of where you want to be. I’m practicing this right now by being a designer and product developer 8 to 5 and a working on my side hustle evenings and weekends. It is about exploring things that you are interested in and creating other revenue streams that compliment where you want to be going. These streams may also be what sets you apart from your peers and lead to better jobs in the future or independence if you decide to become an entrepreneur. Invest in yourself be learning and growing all the time.

Allowing and accounting on indulging in some of your wants is something “Work Your Wealth” covers. The book really tries to hit home that they should be thought out purchases. For me when I want something new I think of it like this. That “New” purchase I just made will devalue by at least 50% percent or more as soon as it is used. so whenever you pick something up to buy say to yourself this costs $1000 right now but in 5mins when i walk out the door with, it will now only be worth $500. Can I live with that? Typically my rational is “Hell no”. So for me, I incorporate being extremely thrifty and consumer savvy to make sure what I’m buying is of value and quality. By making boundaries for yourself you will eliminate a lot of unnecessary wants.

This book is great at opening the discussion about money with action packed questions at the end of each chapter to get your finances on track. What are you waiting for? Go start your taxes and check out the book for yourself (bit.ly/WorkYourWealth).Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 9.24.08 PM.png

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