How to plan a Creative shoot

5 Step Guide Featuring Scripts, Pricing Formula, Templates, and Tips On Making Potential Clients Your Dream Clients!

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If we have not officially met, my name is Erica Steeves I am a product stylist and photographer having delivered thousands of stylized photos to businesses in collaboration with Studio Cody Caissie. After building my winning formula I am now teaching other people to do what I do. Which is to take your photography to the next level!   

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Speaking From experience...

5 Step Guide with scripts, pricing formula, Templates, and Tips on making Potential clients your dream clients!

Each of the steps is to build the like, know and trust factor for your new client to see you as an expert. In the download, you will get my done for you step by step onboarding process. Be the authority and confidently book clients that become dream clients!

The secret sauce to what makes my shoot the most successful, is being prepared before I even walk on set. use my shot list and client brief to communicate with the client and set expectations. prime your clients to be your dream clients!  

plan the shoot

simply follow the formula, and read how I structure my pricing to make sure you are not under cutting yourself.

What do you put on the estimate, and a customizable template for you to deliver the estimate. 


Follow the script to ask the right questions about the project. These 6 questions will help give you an idea of the scope of the project, gauge the interest of the client, and tell them the next steps of what to expect. 

on the call

Send me the blueprint

I'm a photographer,
I book clients all the time! 
What is the point of this anyway? 

Commercial product photography is shot in a studio setting. Which is not the same as working with a model at a beautiful venue where the stage is already set. Creating concepts and planning sets to build takes work. To get your photography to the next level you need a new approach. 

Want to transition from working evening and weekends to working a more balanced schedule Monday to Friday 9 to 5? Or do you simply want to book more product-based photography into your business? Do you know how to price or how to talk to businesses? These steps will bridge the gap. By condensing years of experience and insight, you get the step by step blueprint delivered right to your inbox.

Are you working in your business and not on your business? Stop building things from scratch and borrow tested scripts and formulas to make the foundation for your photography business. If you don't have clients, all you have is a very expensive hobby.  

I'm honored to be your guide and share my blueprint with you! 


About The author

Hi, I'm Erica Steeves! It is great to meet you! 

I help photographers learn how to style products so they can have more confidence on set and to raise their photography to the next level! My unique formula for planning photoshoots and product styling has added so much value in saving time and resources! 

This results in better quality work, in a shorter time, so you can book more clients and charge more! 

These methods have been crafted over the years delivering hundreds of projects and thousands of images. What are you waiting for? Let's start planning your next shoot to get you these results too!    

5 Step Guide with scripts, pricing formula, Templates, and Tips on making Potential clients your dream clients!

Send me the blueprint