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May 17, 2020

Making Life Beautiful with moments of inspiration

banner image of erica steeves for why you should use stock photography

Reasons creatives need to use stock photography Most creatives are cost-aware and also desire to have upgraded photography for their brands. I recommend using a balance of stock photography and branded photos. You get a specific aesthetic with your branded photos and then allow your branded and promotional images a chance to breathe and be […]

April 16, 2020

Making Life Beautiful with moments of inspiration

Erica Steeves on red back ground of banner image for blog post featuring Jenna Kutcher

Get Started in Still Life Product Styling In this post, you can see me on set product styling Jenna Kutcher’s gold necklace where I discuss the basics of prop styling your photo. For our example, I am on a commercial product shoot styling a dainty gold necklace. Inside this post you will get:   Onset […]

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