Holiday Wreath DIY

Its that magical time of year! The weather is starting to shift and all things christmas are starting to pop up. Christmas craft shows are in full swing, christmas parties are being planned and people are starting to dig out their christmas decorations. I. Love. Me. Some. Christmas. I think it mostly comes from my mom but as a creative it is awesome. Baking and decorating cookies, trimming the tree, making and gifting presents! I’m on creativity overload for 2 solid months. It is the inertia I need to start projects with the anticipation of gifting them over the holidays or to enhance holiday cheer with those around me. It also gives me a chance to redecorate my space, create festive outfits, and get excited for the festivities.

DIY nights and why I Love Love Love them. One of my favourite ways to create is in being with good company. This week in preparation of the holidays my friend Autumn Wood (just a little shout out Autumn is one of my stylist friends and has brilliant ways to transform spaces and create ambiance check out her blog or Instagram) and I decided to make wreaths. With most projects as a jumping off point I hit Pinterest. *spoiler alert* I wanted to make a wreath that would serve double duty so made something I could use for my wedding that is coming up in fall 2016. With this intention in mind I was inspired to make a ruffly white coffee filter wreath. As an added bonus it’s super cheap to make so you don’t have to feel guilty that once you’re done with it you can discard it and not keep it forever.

If you would like to make your own ruffly wreath you will need a bag or two of coffee filters depending on size, a copper pipe insulated foam form (I picked it up at a hardware store in the plumbing section for a whopping .91 cents.), a hot glue gun and some added embellishment ribbon or decorations.

To make the form take the foam and open the slit all the way down. Roll one side into the centre. By doing this it fills the hollow space and makes it hold its round form better with less kinks. Use duct tape or packing tape and join end to end. I didn’t do this but would do it if I was to make another. I would take white ribbon or strips of fabric and wrap the wreath in white so if you did see the form it wouldn’t be dark grey. Then heat up your glue gun make sure you have plenty of glue rods to use and start putting the coffee filters on. For this I would pull the filters to a point and give a little twist. Add the hot glue on the twist part and liberally add to form. Be sure to keep them close together not leaving any spaces. Once form is all filled add your own flare with embellishments and enjoy 🙂

This project took me about 2 ½ to 3 hours. It could also be done while watching a favourite Christmas movie too. If you make a wreath let me know in the comments below or tag me on Instagram I want to see what you are creating!

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