February 11, 2019

"Magni"ficent Magnet DIY for Valentines Day

magnificent magnet diy blog post how to make gifts that are unique

Quick thoughtful gift that is fun for the whole family!

With Valentines this week I was inspired to make thoughtful Valentine’s day cards for my niece and nephew. When they last visited me in the summer we had done a little photo shoot. I didn’t really have a theme or idea with the shoot so when I was editing them I kept thinking, what am I going to do with these photos? All the photos were pretty goofy and thought it would be funny to edit them into a super hero kind of picture. My editing skills are not next level so I problem solved and found what i believe is maybe something even cuter!

How to magnetize your adorable photos!

Super easy and all you need is a few things.

-Magnet sheet

-Print outs of your favourite photos

-a large print out of a scene

-double sided tape


magnificent magnet diy blog post how to make gifts that are unique

Prep time

  1. You do need to have a little foresight to have these items on hand. Start by getting new action shots of the people you want to make into magnets. This can easily be done on a white wall. Simply bring them to a drug store that makes prints.
  2. After developing the photos you will need to buy the magnetic sheet and double sided tape (both I was able to buy at Dollarama). I had printed a stock image as a 11 x14 from the same place I developed the prints from.
  3. Cut loosely around the images you want so you can easily know where to add the double sided tape. I also did this so when they were stuck to the magnetic sheet it did not waste excess space.
  4. Use sharp scissors and cut around the images closer.

Viola- That is it!

I can not wait to see my sister and her family using these fun magnets! I can only imagine the funny stories they will come up with and where these funny faces will end up.

If this post inspires you to make them I would love to see them!

Comment below, I would love to hear!

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