May 17, 2020

Why You Should Be Using Stock Photography

Reasons creatives need to use stock photography

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Most creatives are cost-aware and also desire to have upgraded photography for their brands. I recommend using a balance of stock photography and branded photos. You get a specific aesthetic with your branded photos and then allow your branded and promotional images a chance to breathe and be more impactful by sprinkling in stock photography.

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  1. Keep your entire feed and photograph catalog cohesive by using the same filter or preset on all of them.
  2. Don’t reinvent the wheel. The perfect stock photography already exists and using them instead of producing them all on your own will free up time and resources for other high-level tasks.
  3. Use stock photography as a place holder when planning out content. It helps visualize the content and can provide inspiration to keep the momentum going.


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Credit where Credit is Due for Stock Photography

When used sparingly and strategically, stock photography can elevate your presentations, lead generators, slide decks, websites, email, and Instagram Stories. People ask me all the time: how and when to give credit to photographers for their work. A rule of thumb for this is:  if it is free, give credit to the photographer. If it is paid, no name or credit is needed. 


What does the next level look like as a photographer?

My workday varies depending on the season, but my typical peak is August to November. During that time, I could see 70-hour workweeks a few years ago. Then I decided to pivot and create scalable offers so I could finally work ON my business, not IN my business. Scaling back at the studio means that I have time to teach photographers how to product style for more profit. Now I have a better work/life balance, a morning routine, and have accountability partners to create momentum and carry me through my day.


What would you tell someone who has a dream to chase?long format graphic of Erica Steeves for Fearless Chase Podcast

I learned about commercial product photography from being a client-first when I was building my handbag business. Then I saw a negative space in the photography market and a way I could close the gap between business owners and photographers.

“Explore and make your dream a priority. As you do that, it leaves clues. The clues will be there and the bigger picture will unfold in front of you.”

Listen to the whole episode HERE!

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