June 22, 2019

Cuba Diaries Hard Realizations Part 1 of 3

Having a hard realization that you are unhappy

Part 1

Have you ever in your adult life had a spiritual awakening? In April, I had a spiritual awakening that came with a hard realization. I was unhappy and had been operating for, I’m not even sure how long. With my head down pushing through the day to day without taking inventory of where I was. Let’s just say it caught up with me and this awakening has created huge shifts in my life. I was unhappy and ready to make huge changes!

How often do we just accept the things we know feel wrong, hoping for a better outcome tomorrow? But to be disappointed with the same outcome or worse. Many of you may know that I have been on a journey of transformation and am excited to finally start making some traction! I wouldn’t be surprised if many of you did not know because I have been behind the scenes figuring it out.

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The thing I realized

One of the things I realized by being unhappy is I needed to create space in my life to reflect and access. Being someone who loves water my heart was calling to get closer. I decided to book a trip to Varadero, Cuba for one week to create literal space in my life and reflect or the hard realizations I had.

Welcome to the Cuba diaries! I will be sharing over the next while some of the realizations I learned while I was away and the moments of beauty or inspiration I found along the way!

Before going down to Cuba I had set some big intentions to figure things out and to pursue a life of intention and happiness moving forward.

Book worth reading

One of the books that I read before going and really helped make some mindset shifts was “The Happiness Equation” by @NeilPasricha in the book he outlines 9 points that you can start doing today to make your life more happy. Im going to share these in hopes that if your not living your best life maybe this will give insight on how you too can be happier note these are paraphrased to be on insta

Finding happiness is taking vacation Palm Tree taken in Varadero Cuba No.1 Be happy first! “Happy people don’t have the best of everything they make the best of everything”

No.2 Do it for You! Simple steps to self acceptance don’t hide, don’t apologize, and accept who you are.

No.3 Because you already won the lottery. You have a better life than you realize do not take for granted. Find your “ikigais” your purpose in life and wake up everyday serving that purpose.

No.4 Never Retire, find your “ikigais”

No. 5 Overvalue you. There is a small 4 quadrant sketch you have Think- Burn- Space- Do. If you spend too much time in any of the quadrants you will not be happy, happy people alternate between all to find balance in there life and know where they are. So many great take aways in that chapter so you’ll need to read it to get the rest.

spiritual awakening is seeing beauty all around you purple exotic florals shot in Cuba No.6 Create Space make a momentum cycle not a linear line. Do – Can Do – Want To Do – Do. An object in motion will remain in motion. Action causes motivation; motivation does not cause action!

No.7 Just Do It! Don’t think just do!

No.8 BE YOU!

No.9 Don’t take advice- Make your own opinion!

Why I loved the book

How spot on was this book for reminding you simple steps to start living a more happy fulfilled life. I mean! Wow, Right? I had many Ah-Ha, moments while reading and am confident you will too! The biggest ones were realizing I was hiding and I need to accept who I am to come into the light. I also came to the realization that I was not aware of where I was in the 4 quadrants of space. I was thinking or doing too much which lead me to being burnt out.

Sharing this story about my spiritual awakening that came with a hard realization, I am hoping will inspire you to see your life. If this could help even one person to course correct their life

If you read this book, or end up reading it because of this post I would love to hear from you! Comment below with what you took away or what hard realizations you had. Or follow my journey on instagram! where I share more behind the scenes of how I am living my life with intent and massive action.

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