July 2, 2019

Cuba Diaries Finding Your Why and Daily Routines

classic car Cuba diaries part 2 figuring out my why and daily routines

Part 2

“You can work hard to have an easy life or have it easy and a hard life” –Dean Graziosi

Next up on the Cuba Diaries is figuring out my why and daily routines! (If you have not read Part one, I encourage you to go back and start there, click here!) Have you asked yourself this lately? Why am I doing what I am doing, why do I get out of bed in the morning? What drives you to be a better person, show up, and do hard things?

Finding my Why?

“I lost sight of my why and was working towards someone else’s why!”

This shook me because I have been working so hard at something and ended up in a place I didn’t recognize. It wasn’t what I truly wanted. I was not working towards my why, I was resisting the universe and everything felt hard and draining.

”Action Without Purpose is the drain of your life” –Tony Robbins

These words hung in the air for me when I heard them the first time because it could not been more true. I went to Cuba with a heartfelt desire to understand what my why is. Sitting with this question for hours, I read about it, listened to podcasts on other people’s why and asked over and over what is my why! Much closer to understanding my why now and how I can serve that bigger why in a real way!

Daily Routines

cuban coffee part of my mourning routineWhile in Cuba I got up early almost every day. By getting up earlier it meant more time at the beach! I would start my day off by having a coffee with a fresh piece of sugar cane and writing. I wrote more in one week than I had in a year! It was so rejuvenating to get my thoughts, ideas, or stories out of my mind and onto paper. In the evening there were mosquitoes so I didn’t stick around too long and would read myself to sleep.  

In thinking of morning routines I’ve been thinking of what a perfect day would look like. For me it is nothing like the way it has been looking, which is changing. Do you meditate, list gratitudes, or set intentions for the day? Are you like me and the first thing you do is pick up your phone?

Blue skies ahead?

When you feel like you have been living a life with a grey cloud over your head, you can’t figure out how to get ahead of it. I felt this way and finally am seeing blue skies on the horizon. Do you know what made all the difference to make that shift in my life? Massive intentional action!!

You know those hard things you thought of but couldn’t bare doing. The ones you watched tv over to drown them out and just kept accepting that this is your life. I want you to know that there is more for you, the fact that you even desire more means this is not enough for you. If you want more, you need to do more for yourself, because no one is going to do it for you.

Do something For You!

I forgot how amazing it felt to do something for myself that I withheld from myself for so long! I have a tendency to put others first, or make responsible decisions. A big step in this transformation was being a bit selfish and making a point to do something for myself. And now understanding everything I got from it and the clarity I gained is turning out to be invaluable. It’s not about being frivolous and tapping into the culture of “treat yo self” but being intentional and strategic about how you reward yourself can make all the difference!

“A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms.”-Zen Shin

exotic flowers found in Cuba We can not grow if we do not obtain or seek new skills. Happiness stems from growing and stepping into new things. If you have a feeling that things are getting mundane and boring there is a good chance you are not pushing yourself to learn and grow. I challenge you to take any action in your life today that makes you a bit uncomfortable. I realize how often we take for granted where we are at in life or are not actively with intention trying to be better. Holding ourselves to a higher standard so we can grow and be better people. 

For a long time, I would take the easiest path. This did not serve me, and I know it will not serve you either. By losing sight of my why, and not setting daily routines I was draining my days with action that was not getting me anywhere. Let’s turn the script around and find a purpose that excites us and routines that make us successful! 

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