August 31, 2019

Whitespace is the most productive time of your week

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Whitespace is the most productive time of your week and you didn’t even know it. Last night while I was planning out the rest of my week, I planned whitespace in my schedule.  Making sure I have time in my schedule where my brain can catch up and I can decompress. This helps to avoid getting mentally blocked which allows me to work smarter and faster!

Did you know you’re able to solve some of your biggest problems while you’re doing something else!? 🤔 🛁 💃🏽 🏃‍♀️⁣I want to give you permission to do something for yourself. Of course, you do not “need” my permission but maybe you need a nudge to actually put it in your schedule. When you are decompressing or doing something else your mind is still roaming and mulling over different things. 

Signs That You Need White Space

Maybe it’s just me, but I have been seeing a lot of people in my circle saying they have been getting sick lately. Including myself, I had a pesky bug the other week and it made me realize how much we push ourselves at times. Life can feel like an all-out marathon to get everything done as soon as possible! By creating white space you can be more in tune with your body. You will be able to take better care of yourself to lessen the effects of getting sick or avoid it altogether. 

A sure tale sign I am having a mental block is when I notice myself reaching for the broom or getting up to fix something. I am the queen 👸🏼 of tidying when I’m stuck with a hurdle I am facing or trying to put off doing something. A more productive way to approach it could be by doing an activity like go for a run or long walk. Identifying those blocks and having ways to clearing it, is legit the secret for working productively by yourself! ⁣When you can easily be distracted by living and working in the same space; You will need to set zones for yourself so you do not let homelife seep too much into your work life. 

Help From Others

In the past when I’ve worked with other people you always have someone you can bounce ideas off of. This allows you to deal with blocks differently. These days I need to take a second and think of what I’m doing to ask myself a few questions. Is this taking too long or is there another way I could be doing it. ⁣Something I also find really helpful is being active in facebook groups with like-minded people. When I am blocked I can pop in and ask the question and have insight or help in minutes. 

4 ways to wind down and make white space

Water therapy– My ultimate splurge is going to the spa for the day. But in a pinch, I love going to a hot tub, or even just a nice Hot shower! 

Getting quiet and going offline– As tech comes into our lives more, I can’t help but realize how it can make me feel anxious or overstimulated. I feel it the most when I am about to go to sleep. Being intentional about signing off is key! During the day I try to schedule a block of time with no phone. With no distractions, I can just work on the task at hand to be laser-focused. 

Make a huge pot of tea– I am a firm believer that everything is better after a good, big pot of tea. Or if it is later in the day, a large glass of wine may be a better fit! Step away from your computer and just sit in quiet or with a playlist that you enjoy.    

Exercise – Get outdoors and stretch your legs! By being active you are changing the state of your body. The endorphins are pumping, your heart rate goes up and you feel different than the idle position of sitting at your desk. Exercising is a great way to burn off stress and to think! 

Why we get blocked, to begin with

In general, we become blocked or need to create white space in our lives to allow our brains to catch up. In a society where everything is go, go , go it is easy to fall in routines that do not serve us. Find ways to take care of yourself, to help you tackle those bigger obstacles you are facing. Whitespace is the most productive time of your week and you didn’t even know you needed, but now you do. 

Problems will never go away, the thing we need to strive for is higher quality problems! You might say, what is a higher quality problem? An example could be there are so many people who want to work with me. Because of this, I need to hire someone to help me and or raise my prices to meet the demand. 

⁣What big hurdles are you facing today or this week? And how do you solve them?? ⁣

What are some ways you get over mental blocks so you can be making moves on your bigger dreams? Comment Below! 👇⁣

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