April 23, 2020

How To Take Beautiful Professional Photos

Are you curious about how I take beautiful professional photos?? I was so excited to be asked to be on the Make It Personal Podcast with friend Rowan Vollmer! When she asked me to talk to her about how I take beautiful professional photos I was so excited to share! You can listen to the whole interview here!

Moving to Quebec, Montreal Canada held a new adventure for me. I began working in a photography studio and eventually discovered my passion for commercial photography. 

Now I work with small businesses to international brands, creating beautiful images that resonate with their ideal customers.


Rowan Vollmer host of make it personal podcast graphics

Rowan’s Q: Why is the photo quality so important?

Erica’s A: It is expected and builds the “Know, Like, and Trust” factor. As a small business, you have a target on your back because you have less social proof.  With polished photos, you can showcase a legitimate business on caliber with any other brand.

Q: What are some ways to use the photos that you take?

A: Use stock photography to punctuate social media photos, allow content to breathe, and create a greater impact (using the Gary Vaynerchuk theory of punch, punch, right hook.). It also allows you as the business owner to have greater longevity in distributing your messages because you have a bank of photos to pull from.

How to take beautiful professional photos interview graphics and Head Shot of Erica Steeves to promote podcast make it personal white and yellow candy stripe.Q: How should we prepare for a photoshoot?

A: I overprepare! A great workflow for a shoot is:

  • Shot list w/ excel list: where is it living? (banner, webhead, email, retail collateral)
  • Reference images from Pinterest Mood Board
  • Notes
  • Number of shots needed
  • Shopping List for propping


If you are looking to elevate your photography across your brand, think about pulling together the best of what you have available: natural light, a camera phone, and interesting props with an array of textures, layers, colors and patterns. Begin to experiment with layouts and you’ll start to discover a good flow. Use stock imagery to lengthen the lifespan of each photoshoot.


Start Upgrading Your Social Media Feed Today:

RESOURCE: 15 free images www.eceestyle.com/resources 

Post beautiful proffesionalphotos using E Cee Style 15 free stock images Pinterest promo pink colour way flatlay

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